Reviews.legal lists lawyers by location let former and present clients review lawyers create a network of honest lawyers and most importantly, keeps everything [free] and transparent.

How are we unique?

  • We are free. Lawyers do not pay us for listing. We do not charge visitors (prospective clients of lawyers) to provide them contact details of lawyers.
  • We have mentioned contact details as provided by lawyers. Unlike other websites, we do not hide their contact details.
  • Visitors are free to contact any lawyer of their own choice.

How we help visitors and clients?

  • We are a case and consultation based review platform. Clients review lawyers on the basis of consultation received, pending and decided cases.
  • From so many lawyers, visitors and prospective clients can choose a lawyer on the basis of reviews left by former clients. This helps a person select a competent and honest lawyer thereby increasing the chances of success in resolving their legal issues.

How we help lawyers?

We provide a free platform where clients review lawyers. This way, clients help lawyers in their professional growth.

  • Advocacy is a noble profession in which success depends on recommendations of friends, relatives, former and present clients – it is called word of mouth. We allow clients (not friends or relatives) to review lawyers which creates an online recommendation for lawyers and helps society in return.
  • A lawyer providing better services will have more positive reviews. This helps honest lawyers who have successfully represented their clients in past to have more reviews than others. This creates more awareness about them.
  • Since we have not been paid by any person (lawyer or client or visitor) in any way whatsoever, any lawyer profile in reviews.legal does not fall under definition of advertising in any possible way.
  • The entire content is client-generated. Lawyers do not generate any content on reviews.legal, except to provide us with required information like contact details, practice areas etc. Only clients write about lawyers.