Sundaraswamy & Ramdas

Address: No.24, Keshava Nivas, Kalidasa Marg, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009

Phone: 080 2226 3838


General Practice Areas

  • Civil Rights
  • Commodities, Futures and Options
  • Pro Bono Law
  • Separation of Church and State
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Gifts
  • Debt Recovery Law
  • Zoning Law
  • Spousal Support
  • Mortgage Law
  • First Amendment Law
  • Economic Deregulation
  • Malpractice Law
  • Sales of Goods and Services
  • Traffic Law
  • Main Practice Areas
  • Separation Law
  • Prisoner’s Rights Law
  • Workplace Safety

  • Privacy
  • Retail Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Controlled Substance
  • Foreclosure
  • Remedies
  • Factoring
  • Traffic Law
  • Arbitration
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Corporate Finance Law
  • Finance Law
  • Drug Charges
  • Family
  • Real Property
  • Property Law
  • Motor Vehicle Law
  • Divorce
  • Human Rights Law

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2 Reviews
  1. Vikram Singh says:

    Sundarswamy is a fantastic lawyer and person, he is down to earth manner and “let’s get things done” attitude makes things very easy.

  2. Meghna says:

    We’ve also used their services, who is also fantastic, prompt and great communication. In our experience we can definitely recommend these guys for trusts, wills, sale & purchase of properties, and commercial property management matters.