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Practice Areas

  • Civil
  • Corporate
  • Criminal
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Family, Divorce and Child Custody
  • Finance
  • Government Regulatory
  • Human Rights
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • NRI Legal Services
  • Property Disputes
  • Public Interest Litigation
  • Service Matters

General Practice Areas

  • Entertainment Law
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Employment Discrimination Law
  • Brain Injury Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Medical Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Environmental Law
  • Leisure Law
  • Media
  • Social Welfare
  • Equine Law
  • Testament
  • FLSA Overtime Claim
  • Case Law
  • Communications
  • Commercial Law
  • Death Penalty
  • Banking
  • Employee Rights Law
  • Agency Law
  • Medical Law
  • Aviation Law
  • Court Stenography Law
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Law
  • Pharmaceutical Law
  • Encryption Law
  • Enforcement of Judgments
  • Election and Political Law
  • Property Law
  • Religious Freedom
  • Computer Law
  • Media
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Native People
  • Property, Personal
  • Health Care and Social Law

7 replies
  1. Verified Review says:

    My divorce Lawyer Simranjeet was the most professional divorce Lawyer I have ever hired. I have used two other Lawyers one for my divorce who was completely incompetent. The second was for appealing my divorce through the appellate court which I lost. Then I hired Simranjeet and got exactly what I wanted in ONE court date trial. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a divorce lawyer.

  2. Verified Review says:

    I sat down with several lawyers before I hired Simranjeet. I had several case including divorce case, section 125 maintenance case, criminal case of dowry, domestic violence case and also a transfer petition in Supreme Court. He came highly recommended. After talking to a lawyer who recommended him, he turned out to match what I was told and read about him. We talked on the phone for an hour before we met. I hired his immediately. It was nice to have his especially when my stress level would begin climb. He never came down to my level of anxiety, He would keep me on task, and little by little things would get calm. Simranjeet always returned calls and e-mails prompt. But most of all He would never rush me until all my questions and concerns were answered. I told his He had my future in his hands. I never though I could go through this and still have a life. The other lawyers told me what was in my future and how bad it looked for me. These things never happened! Simranjeet did what other lawyers said would never happen. He got me through this and I am looking forward to see what life has next. Simranjeet, don’t ever change. Thank you for everything. You have a great future ahead of you.

  3. Verified Review says:

    Divorce Lawyer Simranjeet is a rare and refreshing breed – best divorce Lawyer who is astute, tenacious and kind. He gets impressive results because he listens, works hard, and always has his conscience deeply engaged–both in and out of the courtroom. Simranjeet is a brilliant advocate, and I am grateful and humbled by all he has done for me.

  4. Verified Review says:

    Simranjeet is great. He knows the family law well and they are well prepare for court. He are very professional both in and out of court. Can’t put a price on a more relaxing life. Hope it stays that way. Thank you Simranjeet, keep fighting the good fight.

  5. Verified Review says:

    They are the group lawyers who know how things works in India. And very honest in their advice. I met few other lawyers before but they were more of milking the client without worry about the case at hand. Here I got the best professional Advice for our Property Matters Case was indeed managed very well. Well known property lawyers in chandhigarh for this property cases

  6. Verified Review says:

    Polite, helpful and precise is what I would like to say for you. Defends/Fights your case with full commitment. Extremely good in communication and available to help you even during late hours. One stop solution. Would definitely recommend him. best lawyers in Supreme Court of India

  7. Verified Review says:

    Great firm with excellent services. I had an issue n got it resolved quickly with proper solution. The lawyers have amazing knowledge and were very courteous. I definitely trust them and recommend.


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