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239 Reviews
  1. Hari Prasad says:

    My divorce Lawyer Simranjeet was the most professional divorce Lawyer I have ever hired. I have used two other Lawyers one for my divorce who was completely incompetent. The second was for appealing my divorce through the appellate court which I lost. Then I hired Simranjeet and got exactly what I wanted in ONE court date trial. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a divorce lawyer.

  2. Lachman Singh says:

    I sat down with several lawyers before I hired Simranjeet. I had several case including divorce case, section 125 maintenance case, criminal case of dowry, domestic violence case and also a transfer petition in Supreme Court. He came highly recommended. After talking to a lawyer who recommended him, he turned out to match what I was told and read about him. We talked on the phone for an hour before we met. I hired his immediately. It was nice to have his especially when my stress level would begin climb. He never came down to my level of anxiety, He would keep me on task, and little by little things would get calm. Simranjeet always returned calls and e-mails prompt. But most of all He would never rush me until all my questions and concerns were answered. I told his He had my future in his hands. I never though I could go through this and still have a life. The other lawyers told me what was in my future and how bad it looked for me. These things never happened! Simranjeet did what other lawyers said would never happen. He got me through this and I am looking forward to see what life has next. Simranjeet, don’t ever change. Thank you for everything. You have a great future ahead of you.

  3. Mahavir Singh says:

    Divorce Lawyer Simranjeet is a rare and refreshing breed – best divorce Lawyer who is astute, tenacious and kind. He gets impressive results because he listens, works hard, and always has his conscience deeply engaged–both in and out of the courtroom. Simranjeet is a brilliant advocate, and I am grateful and humbled by all he has done for me.

  4. Ajit Singh says:

    Simranjeet is great. He knows the family law well and they are well prepare for court. He are very professional both in and out of court. Can’t put a price on a more relaxing life. Hope it stays that way. Thank you Simranjeet, keep fighting the good fight.

  5. Madhav Jain says:

    They are the group lawyers who know how things works in India. And very honest in their advice. I met few other lawyers before but they were more of milking the client without worry about the case at hand. Here I got the best professional Advice for our Property Matters Case was indeed managed very well. Well known property lawyers in chandhigarh for this property cases

  6. Prabhu Nath says:

    Polite, helpful and precise is what I would like to say for you. Defends/Fights your case with full commitment. Extremely good in communication and available to help you even during late hours. One stop solution. Would definitely recommend him. best lawyers in Supreme Court of India

  7. Manu Sharma says:

    Great firm with excellent services. I had an issue n got it resolved quickly with proper solution. The lawyers have amazing knowledge and were very courteous. I definitely trust them and recommend.

  8. Arjuna says:

    Chandigarh has a lot of options to pick from when it comes to seeking legal advice. However, finding a lawyer who is willing to listen to you patiently and give you an honest and appropriate advice is a tough task. I had to run around and be disappointed a number of times before I landed at Simran law firm’s office. I must say I had all my doubts and apprehensions put to rest once I started consulting them and seeking their advice about which course would be the best to follow about the legal issue I was facing. If you too are looking for a reliable and competent Advocate in Chandigarh, you need not look any further and you will find all the help and advice you need at Simran Law firm. They deal with legal matters pertaining to multitude of fields and laws and I have decided to stick with them for future consultations as well.

  9. Yash Pal says:

    After being handed down an unsatisfactory verdict at a lower court I wanted to knock the doors of the High Court for a review of the judgment. Before proceeding hence forth I wanted a second opinion from an experienced Advocate in Chandigarh High Court to know the odds in my favour if I go ahead with my decision for filing a review petition. Simran law firm was suggested to me by my colleague who has been their client since years. Being short of time I did not go into the hassles of trying any more options and took an appointment right away. I must say they have some of the most competent lawyers on their panel and particularly if anyone is looking to consult an Advocate in Chandigarh High Court, you can rely on them for a credible evaluation and a wise advice about how to handle and proceed with the matter.

  10. Gulzar Singh says:

    Simran law firm has some of the best civil law advocates in the city. I was looking for advice from an Advocate in Chandigarh for annulment of marriage. At Simran law firm, my case was heard with complete patience and I was advised accordingly. I got a lot of fresh insights into my situation which had been overlooked so far by other lawyers that I had talked to. I am totally satisfied with the suggestions I received and I am certainly going to consult them again if need arises. For an advocate, it isn’t just about how well you understand the client’s case but also about putting them at ease and answering all their queries. I would highly recommend Simran law firm to others looking for sound legal advice from an Advocate in Chandigarh for annulment of marriage.

  11. Varun Sharma says:

    Legal advice is sought usually in a situation we would not want to be caught in willingly. I was also going through a rough patch in my marriage and was planning to seek legal recourse after informal talks had failed and yielded no results. Before jumping into the docks I wanted to make sure I know where I stand and if going to the court would be worth it. I was looking around to consult an advocate in Chandigarh for restitution of conjugal rights and seek advice about my case. After checking through the testimonials of a few lawyers and law firms I decided to consult Simran law firm’s advocate in Chandigarh for restitution of conjugal rights. The advocate listened to my case, answered the hundreds of questions I had, quelled all my apprehensions and made sure I leave the office after being thoroughly aware of all possibilities and the chances of success of pursuing them. I would certainly recommend Simran law firm to fellow beings who are on the look out for an advocate in Chandigarh for restitution of conjugal rights.

  12. Chandan says:

    Breaking a marriage is as protracted a process as it is easy to get married in the first place. It isn’t just about taking a divorce. There are a number of nitty-gritties to be taken care of- a fact I was oblivious to before I had to face this unfortunate situation. I wanted legal advice I could count on and was looking to consult an advocate in Chandigarh for advice about maintenance under Section 125 of the CrPC and Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act. I got to know about Simran law firm from a family member who had been in a similar situation and had her matter handled efficiently. Following her recommendation, I consulted Simran law firm’s advocate in Chandigarh for maintenance under Section 125 & 24. The advocate I consulted gave me wise advice and guided me till the very end. I was quite impressed by her insights into my matter and her perspective about how the case should be handled to ensure it gets winded up at the earliest. They have some of the most experienced advocates in Chandigarh for legal advice about maintenance under section 125 & 24.

  13. Murali says:

    I found myself unfortunately embroiled in legal trouble which could result in my arrest. Completely flabbergasted about what to do next and whose help to seek, I wasted a few days visiting various advocates only to be further disheartened about my situation. How ever Simranlaw was the last place I visited since not only did I get in touch with one of the best anticipatory bail advocate in Chandigarh but also got the sound advice I was desperate to hear. Simranlaw’s anticipatory bail advocate in Chandigarh gave me a patient hearing, apprised me about the consequences and also told me about the best course of action at that moment. I followed the suggestions they gave and saved myself further trouble with law. I am really thankful to the team at Simranlaw for their valuable legal help. Their expertise in this field is unrivaled till date.

  14. Mohan says:

    In case you or any of your family/friends are looking for an anticipatory bail lawyer in Chandigarh, I would highly recommend Simranlaw and their team. They helped me wise advice when I needed it the most and I had lost all hope of finding a credible and reliable anticipatory bail lawyer in Chandigarh. For a layman with almost no knowledge of how the law works and what it entails, I was caught unaware when I got dragged into legal trouble over some altercation by my business partner. Sound and timely advice from Simranlaw regarding my case and that I could apply for anticipatory bail saved me. I could never repay what their anticipatory bail lawyer in Chandigarh did for me, answering my queries, listening to my doubts and sending me back once I was completely content with the legal consultation. I thank the team and wish them the best.

  15. Ranjeet says:

    Being in the field of real estate development and management, there arise a lot of occasions when you need to seek legal advice. It isn’t easy to find someone you could blindly trust and share the insides of your work and dealings. To top it all, I had been warned by my colleagues to be very careful when I consult a lawyer for advice. How ever I believe I have been rather fortunate to have come across the perfect barrister in Chandigarh for all my legal queries. At Simranlaw, I found just the right barrister in Chandigarh whom I can turn to for legal help any time. Simranlaw has some of the most experienced lawyers on their panel and they tender advice pertaining to various fields within the law. Whether you are looking for advice about a civil case or a criminal case, you will find the most competent barrister in Chandigarh onboard Simranlaw law firm. They are my preferred choice for legal help any day.

  16. Manju says:

    Be it any profession or venture that we begin, it is absolutely imperative that we follow all the requisite rules lest we end up on the wrong side on law. It is always a wise decision to seek help from an experienced barrister rather than going through the statutes on your own. Given the complicated nature of Indian laws, a layman can never have a confident grasp on them. I have been a client of Simranlaw since years and from time to time I seek their opinion on matters of law. They have the best on their team and I must say the advocate I usually talk to must be one of the most experienced barrister in Chandigarh High Court. He is always thorough with my enquiry before my appointment and gives me to-the-point and relevant suggestion whenever I am dealing with legal matters.

  17. गणेश says:

    We are a business class family with our ventures spread over different industrial sectors. Since the beginning we have been associated with Simranlaw of any and every matter of law we have had to face or needed advice about. I am always impressed by their attention to detail and not missing even a single, seemingly ordinary yet important, point. They are the most reliable and successful barristers in Chandigarh and it is commendable the way they have kept up the same high standards and work ethics since they started out decades ago. We have seen a lot of highs and lows in our work and they have been there to support us legally, with their timely and appropriate advice, providing insights into the most complicated of legal troubles we have encountered. Highly recommended for individuals or groups looking for help with Corporate law and otherwise, since their rich portfolio includes several aspects of law.

  18. Indrajit says:

    I was quite perplexed when I had to immediately seek legal advice about a property deal I was about to finalise. Being from another state, I didn’t really know any of the lawyers in the city so I had no place to begin at. Running short on time, I was recommended by a colleague to talk to Simranlaw regarding my issue. I was able to get an appointment at a short notice and the advocate I met was very professional and diligent in his approach. He went through the documents carefully, pointed out the various provisions and also the red flags. Simranlaw’s team includes some of the most experienced barristers in Chandigarh High Court and their expertise is enough to assure you, that you have come to the right place. I have regularly sought their legal advice for all my transactions and I have never been let down by the services I receive.

  19. माधव says:

    Some legal cases are usually so complex that only the best can see through the complications and simplify for their clients. I had a long pending case and I had talked to various advocates for their insights about the case and to know the best way forward, but in vain. Few of them did not show much interest while others failed to gauge the various aspects. I decided to approach the advocates at Simranlaw and give it another try. I am so thankful I did. The advocates work as a team to understand my case and give me suggestions. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that I have found the best advocate in Chandigarh. I am completely satisfied with the advice I got and the way they approached the case and I am sure I would prefer Simranlaw over others whenever I need to seek legal help in future too.

  20. Rajiv says:

    Most of the property cases have high stakes involved and slightest of error or misunderstanding can lead to huge costs for the parties involved. I was looking for a second opinion regarding a case I was planning to take to the High Court. I had talked to an advocate at Simranlaw and undoubtedly I could say he is the best advocate in Chandigarh High Court. His expertise, experience, deep knowledge and confident appraisal of my situation ensured that I did not act in haste. I consulted him regularly to understand my case better and the progress that was being made on it. He provided me with certain valuable insights into the matter and I always came back from the consultations with new perspectives and possible moves that could be made. My experience of seeking legal advice from Simranlaw has been hassle-free and wonderful. They are the advocates I can trust with any legal matter and sit back without worrying to know the best solutions.

  21. अनुपम says:

    I have been in the tri-city, working as a journalist since the past few years. There have often been times when I needed legal advice or help and over time I have been to a number of lawyers in the city. I used to get the advice I had been seeking however I always used to leave those offices with a bit of confusion and the appointments were usually rushed through when it became clear that I only wanted advice and not hire them to represent them. Last month I decided to give Simranlaw a shot, I had read a lot about this firm and really wanted a break from all those non-interested lawyers I had been consulting so far. I must say I found myself the best counsel in Chandigarh. Everything about this firm was exceptional, their professionalism and work ethics, giving me ample time to explain my case and then taking me through all the complicated details and simplifying them for me. I never felt like they were trying to wind up the consultation, my counsel took good look at all the documents and asked me to come back the next day, so as to be able to dig deeper about the issue and advise me accordingly.

  22. Saral says:

    At the High Court level, you need an astute lawyer’s advice to make sure you win. The profession of law rests equally on the legal prowess as much on the lawyer’s ability to demarcate the various facets of the case and find the weakest and strongest links within. I was waiting for a hearing at the Chandigarh High Court about a pending property matter and had been turned down by various lawyers who simply dismissed my case as a lost cause. I wanted a second opinion about the matter and decided to talk to the counsels at Simranlaw. With years of experience of having worked with clients at district and state level, Simranlaw have some of the most experienced lawyers in the tri-city. The advocate I talked to is by far the best counsel in Chandigarh High Court amongst all I have worked with till now. His advice was appropriate, ensuring a quick resolution. He also pointed out how my case had been muddled by my previous lawyers and why the rest of lawyers were not too enthusiastic about its odds of being decided in my favour. I would definitely recommend Simranlaw to others too.

  23. Bijoy says:

    Anyone looking for best counsels in Chandigarh for legal advice of any sort must consult the lawyers at Simranlaw. My family and me have been their clients since years and we have taken their valuable advice for various family matters, property matters, business deals and also corporate cases. Their wide field of work and a team specialising in multifarious branches of law ensures that the best of heads work together to come up with the most efficient solutions and suggestions for you. I have never had to complain during all these years and I always find it commendable how they have kept up the same standards even as the team is being enriched with new talent. They have always put their clients first and tendered the best legal advice. Simranlaw has undoubtedly the team of best counsels in Chandigarh, helping hundreds like me since decades.

  24. अमृत says:

    Very few ventures are constant in their success, quality, service standard and keeping up with the changing times. However, Simranlaw has always strived to stay amongst the most sought after lawyers in Chandigarh ever since they started their practice. They have the best counsels in Chandigarh High Court on their team. I have always relied on their legal advice and they have always guided me in the best possible direction. I have liked their sincere approach to work, putting the clients first, simplifying the cases so as to keep the client in the loop. I became a more aware person after my consultation and also sure of what to expect if I decide to go ahead with court proceedings. I also had also my questions answered with patience, a smile and detailed answers about what it entails. I certainly recommend others caught up in legal troubles to consult Simranlaw for quick solutions.

  25. रत्नम says:

    Simranlaw law firm is one of the most professional and experienced law firms of the region. I have been their client since a lot of years and have consulted them on legal matters pertaining to various fields. Be it property law, criminal law, or matters related to marriage, divorce, or property division, their advocates take great pains to understand your case and recommend the most appropriate course of action. I have never had any complaints with their working style and approach to the tasks they undertake. It is good to see that they make sure the clients get the best of services and have all their queries answered satisfactorily. It can be tedious explaining the various nuances of the case to a complete novice but the advocates are very patient and take their time to enlighten the clients about the situation. It is easily the best law firm in Chandigarh.

  26. सुमन्त्र says:

    Success doesn’t come without hard work and also working hard at it every day without fail. We need to persevere and keep getting back up after the hurdles to reach the top rung of the ladder. Simranlaw is a testimony to these facts. My company has been their client since the past few years and been taking advice from them on number of legal matters. I have never once doubted their legal suggestions and this is the best law firm in Chandigarh High Court that I have sought help from. I particularly like the way they cater to their clients, without favouring one over the other. You get prompt help and your lawyer is just a phone call away. Their work is representative of exemplary professionalism and work ethics. I would highly recommend them for their services, sound legal advice, constant availability and support beyond what their job entails.

  27. Pallab says:

    Legal issues must never be taken lightly since a lot is at stake, in terms of reputation as well as finances. Most people tend to delay taking help or are unable to decide which lawyer to approach. I believe for sure shot results and a reliable advice you must visit the best lawyer in Chandigarh and never compromise on the quality of advice and help being sought. I have always consulted Simranlaw. We have been their clients for three generations and seen them grow into the successful team they are today. I have always got honest, astute, appropriate and sound legal guidance from them. The lawyers in their panel do not believe in giving false hopes to the client or to coax the client into availing more services from them. All my consultations have been well-prepared and detailed. The lawyers provide me with practical solutions and never disappoint. I recommend Simranlaw to my friends and colleagues as well.

  28. स्वर्ण says:

    I was fighting a difficult divorce case and at times even lost faith on my own legal representative if he was doing his best or misleading me. Just to get the bug of doubt out, I decided to seek another lawyer’s opinion about the progress being made in my case and whether my lawyer was taking the appropriate steps or not. I consulted Simranlaw. They have years of experience and in various fields, therefore I felt confident of getting a sound advice. I would say the lawyer whom I consulted is the best lawyer in Chandigarh High Court. Prior to our appointment, he had already gone through my case and prepared an analysis of the same. He had outlined the red flags as well as the progressive steps taken by my lawyer. He patiently explained my situation to me and the possible course of action which could strengthen my case and also any wrong moves which could prove to be a step back. I would definitely revisit them if need be, in the future.

  29. Dhaval says:

    I am an industrialist by profession and time and again I encounter questions requiring legal inquiries and help. I have had few frustrating experiences in this regard. The lawyer would try to rush over the appointment or he wouldn’t listen patiently to you or they would simply over charge you for pathetic services and feedback in return. Upon a friend’s reference I consulted a solicitor at Simranlaw. His services were the best I have received from a lawyer till now and I must say he is the best solicitor in Chandigarh amongst all I have consulted till date. He knew his work well and had years of experience of handling various corporate and industrial disputes. He guided me well and was also responsive to my queries and gave legal suggestions whenever I asked for his help. I have never felt more confident about getting sound legal advice and trusting a solicitor’s advice without any second thoughts.

  30. इन्द्र says:

    My family had a souring of ties and when things didn’t look like they could improve we decided to amicably divide our assets and get on with our own lives. I was looking for a property lawyer whose suggestion I could trust and who could give me the best legal advice about how to proceed with the matter of property division. There was also a need to get all the documents checked for their legal fulfillments and legitimacy. After a brief research I finalised Simranlaw. Their team is one of the most experienced in the city and the solicitor I consulted must be the best solicitor in Chandigarh High Court. He had managed a number of property disputes of similar nature before, hence he knew what we wanted. He did not waste much time or linger on the appointment. At the same time, it wasn’t a rushed consultation either. He took his time to understand the situation and what we were looking for. He provided us with a tailor made solution so that we could wind up the matter at the earliest without any unnecessary trouble.

  31. कुमार says:

    I was planning to sell ancestral property and purchase some commercial property instead. I wanted a legal adviser to make sure my paperwork is as per the rules and regulations. Also since there are a number of cases of fraudulent documents and deals being made in property deals, I was looking for a reliable lawyer to guide me through the entire transaction. I had an excellent experience of working with Simranlaw. They have some of the best solicitors in Chandigarh on their panel. My solicitor made sure I was acquainted with the relevant laws and provisions thereof. He worked with me more like a team mate and also kept updating about what all was being checked and also what all I should look out for. I was made part of the whole process rather than being an outsider. I would highly recommend them if you want some sound legal advice or a second opinion in matters of law.

  32. Ashoka says:

    Cases being fought at the High Court must be backed by the best solicitors in Chandigarh High Court to ensure favourable verdict. I wanted advice about my property matter which I was planning to take to the High Court. I consulted the lawyers at Simranlaw. The complete team was very helpful and responsive. My case was scrutinised by the lawyers adept at handling various kinds of property disputes and I was given a true picture, rather than a picture a client wants to see. It is not easy telling the bitter truth to a client yet they were honest with me about my odds of getting a favourable verdict and suggested alternate, more promising course of action. I had a wonderful experience of working with them and seeking legal advice I could count on. I must say I know who I would approach if I am ever in need of legal help again.

  33. Satish says:

    I was caught in a divorce case and the matter of child custody was also yet to be decided. My wife and her in-laws had been giving me a difficult time and I was afraid they will go all the way to ensure I don’t get the custody of our child. Also I had been warned by various people that Indian laws in this regard are slightly biased towards women. I wanted to make sure I know where I stand in this respect. I consulted the child custody advocate in Chandigarh, he was part of Simranlaw firm. I told him about my case and situation and asked for his legal insights about what would be the best approach. He was patient with my endless questions and very thorough with his work. I felt like someone finally understood what I was looking for while seeking legal advice and walked out of their office as a man whose doubts and fears had been put to rest. I was confident about the case now and as per their advice I did get the custody rights.

  34. Dipak says:

    Divorce cases mean that a number of complicated decisions have to be taken simultaneously. Being an emotionally heavy experience, you are out there fighting with family about maintenance, child custody, property division etc. My husband and I decided to opt for out-of-court settlement and wanted a lawyer whose suggestion would be acceptable to us both. We met with a few lawyers but either of us would have some apprehensions or the other. We had heard a lot about Simranlaw being a well-reputed child custody law firm in Chandigarh and decided to seek their legal advice about how we could amicably decide and wind up matters without going to the court. We were guided throughout the process and their lawyers made sure the terms took care of the best interests of both the parties. I am quite satisfied with the suggestions and services I got from them and would recommend them to others as well.

  35. सचिन says:

    For a parent, losing touch with her child is no less than her worse nightmare. I was scared of losing child custody rights of my daughter while my divorce was underway. I wanted an outsider’s view of how things might unfold and what are my chances. I approached Simranlaw’s child custody lawyer in Chandigarh and was given a prompt appointment since I was in the city for only two days. My lawyer was very cooperative and understanding. She analysed my case in detail and also gave me valuable insights about how to best proceed further and ensure my interests are taken care of. It was timely and the right legal advice which saved my rights. I believe I can never repay the help I got from them and I recommended them to a number of people. No doubt Simranlaw’s child custody lawyer in Chandigarh is quite sought after in the region.

  36. संजीव says:

    Property laws of India and the procedures involved in property transactions are complicated enough to intimidate laymen with next to nil knowledge of this field. To add to this, we hear stories of property deals gone wrong or people taken for a spin and losing their hard earned money to fraudsters. I had been warned by all my friends and family to be very careful while taking part in any transaction and to be on the safe side I decided to seek help of a reputed civil and revenue lawyer in Chandigarh. Half the people I asked recommended Simranlaw to me. I talked to their civil lawyer and sought his help for verifying all the documents and checking the authenticity of the parties I was dealing with. I had an excellent experience of working with Simranlaw and I believe I will be consulting them again in future too.

  37. Kapila says:

    The case can be saved or completely marred by a lawyer, it is all dependent on her skill, knowledge and experience- how she combines these three to get the best results for her clients. The legal counsel I consulted at Simranlaw has been by far the most astute counsel in Chandigarh that I have come across. She took no time to get to the bottom of the matter and weed out the extra and point out the salient points I need to worry about. I took her suggestions throughout the time I was caught in a legal matter and I am so glad to have found a lawyer I can finally trust without any double checks or second opinions to reiterate the suggestions received. In fact, the entire team at Simranlaw is exceptional and completely dedicated to their job, making sure every client gets heard and helped promptly. Highly recommended!

  38. Aruna says:

    Anyone looking for an experienced counsel in Chandigarh High Court should walk into Simranlaw’s office without wasting time. I had wasted enough time trying to pick the best and the most suited lawyer as per my requirements. In the end, I came across Simranlaw and they have the most varied and talented team of lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh. They have experts on civil law, criminal law, divorce and other associated laws, property law, corporate law, industrial law, etc. I had an amazing experience of working with them, and it was quite a break for me to leave it all to my lawyer and sit back and relax. Previously whenever I used to seek legal advice I never used to be sure of following what I heard and used to be sceptical about lawyers. However, services from Simranlaw more than just changed that initial impression and made me more assured now that I have them a phone call away for any legal help.

  39. देवदान says:

    Chandigarh being the seat of Punjab and Haryana High Court has a vast community of lawyers and a lot of law firms. There are a lot of options to choose from and this is precisely what makes picking one a difficult task. And added to that is the problem of making sure you got the right person to guide you in a field where you know nothing. Legal practice rests a lot on trust between the client and the lawyers and only the ones able to earn and sustain that trust get success. Simranlaw is one such firm which has kept up its reputation since its inception. They have some of the most experienced and sought after counsels in Chandigarh. They put the client first and every client gets a lawyer assigned to her, to be available on a phone call, for any help required while they are consulting. In my opinion, they are one of the best team of lawyers in the city.

  40. प्रभाकर says:

    I often face situations involving a question of law in my startup venture and I look for some experienced counsels in Chandigarh High Court who could help me. I had asked around and got to know about few good lawyers around and found Simranlaw to be the most suitable as per my needs. Simranlaw have some very knowledgeable and successful counsels in Chandigarh High Court, with years of experience adding to their expertise. I was quite impressed by the first ever consultation and decided that these are the lawyers I am going to turn to whenever I need legal suggestions again. I was provided an appointment promptly and the lawyer who helped me was thorough with the provisions that my situation pertained to. He simplified the entire matter so that I could understand too and also see for myself whether the solution being suggested was appropriate or not. I was glad to not be treated like a complete novice rather as a team member to jointly work out the answer to the question I had brought.

  41. Arun says:

    Criminal law matters can create havoc in a person’s live and the earlier they are sorted, the better. It is best if you can handle the issue at the earliest before it is too late and the damage is done already. The best of the available talent must be consulted to get the most feasible solution. I wanted advice from a criminal advocate in Chandigarh. I consulted Simranlaw. They are one of the most established law firms of the city and I had read promising reviews. Not only did I get some sound legal advice but my criminal advocate also counselled me a bit about the situation I had been apprehensive about. He was very patient and understanding about my anxious enquiries and made sure I did not get all stressed out. His focus was on mitigating the situation and reassuring me that it wasn’t too late and nothing was lost yet. I definitely recommend them if anyone asks me for a reference.

  42. Swapan says:

    Criminal appeal cases are quite sensitive and must never been taken lightly since the verdict of the lower court might well be upturned, putting the parties on opposite positions. Anyone looking for an experienced criminal appeal advocate in Chandigarh should certainly consult Simranlaw. I had taken their legal opinion for a criminal case I was caught in and their well thought out solution helped me secure my freedom and avoid unnecessary stress. They have some of the most experienced lawyers on their panel and it is always a team work to ensure the best results. I have been their client since the past few years and sought their help from time to time. They have never disappointed me in any of my meetings with them and I am sure the rest of the clients would agree with me on this. As criminal advocates, they are at the top of all law firms.

  43. Harshal says:

    The team of criminal lawyers at Simranlaw has been practicing with considerable success for the past few decades and the hard work and dedication of the lawyers has made Simranlaw one of the most sought after criminal appeal law firm in Chandigarh. Their track record is yet to be broken and their skill unmatched in terms of feasibility and efficiency. My family is in the liquor business and we often have false criminal cases being filed against us or there usually looms a threat of something similar happening. We need constant help and advice of a criminal lawyer and we always counted on Simranlaw to provide us with timely and the best advice. They are reliable, quick to help and always available to answer your queries patiently, with a smile. What might be a stressful experience is made less of a nightmare when you know you have an expert to guide you through it.

  44. Amar says:

    Criminal cases are usually filed for appeal once the verdict has been announced by the court they were filed at in the first place. Criminal lawyers have to be equally adept at handling appeal cases as well. The criminal lawyer from Simranlaw whom I consulted must have been by far the most experienced criminal appeal lawyer in Chandigarh. He had years of experience of being in the field and a lot of clients relied on his advice and suggestions to extricate themselves from complicated situations involving questions of criminal law. Clients searching for an expert criminal appeal lawyer in Chandigarh must consult Simranlaw for the best legal advice and prompt assistance in matters of criminal law and appeals. I would recommend them for their dedication to the client’s problem as if their own and making sure the client gets relief and the matter is resolved without any hassles.

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