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Nitin Sharma

Address: 384, Mota Singh Nagar, Jalandhar

Phone: +919863001861


General Practice Areas

  • Private Investigation Law
  • Prisoners of War Law
  • Privatization Law
  • First Amendment Law
  • Burglary
  • Property, Personal
  • Qui Tam, False Claims Act
  • Franchising Law
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Corporate Finance Law
  • Construction Law
  • Private Equity Law
  • Insurance
  • Naturalization Law
  • Radio/TV
  • Employment Discrimination Law
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Extradition Law
  • Paternity

  • Aboriginal People
  • Manslaughter Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Child Pornography
  • Estate Planning Center
  • Data Protection
  • Human Rights Law
  • Civil Rights
  • Sales of Goods and Services
  • Licensing Law
  • Securities
  • Manslaughter Law
  • Public Finance
  • Social Security Disability
  • Women
  • Wire Fraud
  • Manufacturing Law
  • Jones Act

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24 Reviews
  1. Manjari Singh says:

    He was very knowledgeable about the issue at hand, and gave me all the information I needed to understand to feel comfortable. Thanks

  2. Amandeep Singh says:

    He treats his clients with respect and works hard to represent their interests. Thanks

  3. Kirti Sharma says:

    I can say so on the basis of my experience with him. He is Very nice and honest lawyer.

  4. Geetika Singh says:

    Nitin never hesitates in taking pain for the sake of clients interest, put a lot of efforts in fighting cases but at the same time with a lot of humanity.

  5. Anshu Jain says:

    I had a wonderful experience with Mr Nitin, he is not only a good advocate but a good human being always available on the phone gives the best and genuine advise.

  6. Tanya Gupta says:

    Nice advocate, I found him always ready to help and advice me with all kindness and humanity, he is really an expert and best lawyer for matrimonial cases,…..

  7. Paras Thakur says:

    I hired Nitin Sharma to represent me during my divorce case. I had a very short deadline and my previous lawyer made a dire situation worse. I contacted him in desperate need and he responded very quickly. I described my situation and he provided me with legal advice and guidance. I found him to be very knowledgeable, professional, honest, experienced, and responsive! highly recommended

  8. Nishant Sharma says:

    Mr. Sharma is a compassionate lawyer, always responded promptly to my queries. I can say he is one of the best/specialist divorce and family Lawyer.

  9. Suchi Samita says:

    Good presentation skills in court, always responds to client’s query, confusion and give proper guidance and discloses every aspect of a case to client.

  10. Yashika says:

    I always received warm respose from Mr. Nitin, during each conversation. he always solved my concerns to my satisfactions. highly recommended

  11. Vishnu Dev Daroch says:

    He is a good knowledge. His thoughts r good. He suggest client always in right manner.

  12. Deepshikha says:

    Truly reliable,convenient & professionally efficient service provided by Mr. Sharma, I really appreciate his sincerity & depth of professional knowledge & experience. Always ready to serve.

  13. Vidyottama Pandey says:

    Nitin Ji is very sincere advocate, I consulted him for my family matter. He guided me properly at every stage of my cases.

  14. Shubham Chaudhary says:

    Very Friendly person. Always ready to respond query. His advice was very helpful.

  15. Anirudh Chauhan says:

    Nitin is really a very good lawyer with 100% satisfaction and transparency at every stage of the case.

  16. Shruti says:

    It had a great experience working with Nitin, he always gives genuine advice without any additional consultation charges. excellent lawyer, Highly recommended

  17. Abhinandan says:

    I had consulted my grievance with Mr. Gupta he gave me the best advice and provided me a fair legal assistance at very affordable fees, great lawyer, Highly recommended

  18. Harsh Kumar Bhardwaj says:

    Mr. Sharma is very nice person, very professional and has vast knowledge in legal field. Very strong in court in arguments, I trust him blindly.

  19. Pinky Goswami says:

    I really appreciate his hardwork, one of the best of his profession and the best one to engage..

  20. Shreya says:

    I was gratful n lucky for being with u as a client, u never let me down at any step during the course of case. Thanks alot

  21. Vyakhya Garg says:

    I think you r giving results faster than other advocates, specially for divorce cases. I was so depressed when I came to you, but under your advice I am through that hard time, thanks sir.

  22. Gagandeep Singh Brar says:

    At first instance, I just visited him very casually but when he explained things to me, I started feeling very comfortable and hired him for my case. He is really nice person and knowledgeable..

  23. Aakrishi Gupta says:

    speedy services , helpful & knowledgeable. I recommend his name if you are looking for an honest hardworking lawyer.