Sukhwinder Lal

Address: 335-A, New Courts, Jal. //Resi. Address:- V.P.O. Kalyanpur Distt. Jalandhar

Phone: +9815744212


12 Reviews
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12 Reviews
  1. Lalita Thakur says:

    Hats off to his expertise knowledge and honest guidance. I strongly recommend to visit Sukhwinder Lal at least once for any of your legal issues.

  2. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Extremely prompt, wise & efficient. The task at hand was done well before time, hassle free. Highly Recommended

  3. Robin Singh says:

    Great experience. Very informative. I am totally relaxed for my Legal Problem after meeting him. Highly Recommended!

  4. Deepshikha Tiwari says:

    Fantastic experience and a good person. Easily understand the requirement of clients. He is a best lawyer.

  5. Gurpreet says:

    There is no other lawyer that will work as hard for you. I used Sukhwinder for my case, he is a wonderful lawyer I could not have been happier and I will never go anywhere else.

  6. Shaina Sareen says:

    He has handled various legal matters for me. He has always been an assett in the process with his thoughts, suggestions, legal abilities and sincerity. I highly recommend him on any matter that takes someone with these abilities.

  7. Aarti Kumari says:

    Sukhwinder has done an excellent job in not only fighting for me, but also protecting my interests! I highly recommend him for any family court.

  8. Seerat says:

    Advocate Sukhwiner Lal is one of the best lawyer who has earned the distinction of being an expert in the field of criminal lawyer