Sukrant Sharma

Address: 3 First Floor Nanak Complex, Opp. Ajit Nagar, N.R. Road, Jalandhar

Phone: +919815225395


15 Reviews

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15 Reviews
  1. Somanpreet Kaur says:

    Sukrant is very professional, well priced and provide a quick turn around. Always a pleasure to deal with him. Satisfied with his services.

  2. Arpita Thakur says:

    Great lawyer with fast and friendly service. Really enjoyed working with him. He is very knowledgable and professional.

  3. Jobandeep Singh says:

    I am very satisfied with my lawyer, Sukrant Sharma, he was well informed and smart. He was also helpful and kind. I would recommend him!

  4. Malvika says:

    Mr.Sukrant is a learned lawyer and in my experience is highly professional, experienced and knowledgeable.

  5. Aeman Mehmood says:

    I am a big fan of Mr. Sukrant and the work he does, I have worked with him for several years and I can say that he is the most amazing person.

  6. Jasmine Kaur Saini says:

    I can’t thank you enough Sukrant ji for whatever you have done for us and whatever pain you yourself had to go through to help us in our case.

  7. Sahil Sharma says:

    I think there are only a few lawyers who are so empathetic and advice in such a right manner without thinking of their own profits. His attitude towards the legal profession is commendable.

  8. Prachy Chaudhary says:

    Mr. Sukrant is humble and a thoughtful lawyer, in spite of being extremely busy whenever he attended us, he was patient and made us feel comfortable by explaining us the entire course.

  9. Avani says:

    Mr.Sukrnat is a very learned lawyer and it is interesting to observe his take on his legal matters. I have had quite many conversations with him regarding my case and his observations have always been worth.

  10. Amisha Thakur says:

    We are thankful to Mr. Sukrant for taking up our matter in a very efficient manner and for being deeply concerned. His efforts meant a lot for us and made all the difference.

  11. Amritpal Singh says:

    Mr. Sukrant is a very good person and is very helpful by all means. highly recommended