Ambrish Kumar Awasthi

Address: 491/40k Bagiya Munshiganj Daliganj Lucknow

Phone: +9109335961783


4 Reviews

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4 Reviews
  1. Anaya Tiwari says:

    He is a professional and experienced lawyer, he proposed the best strategy to solve my case, I would definitely recommend him.

  2. Mohammad Raahim says:

    He is definitely the best lawyer. He is very experienced and well known in Lucknow. I will always recommend him.

  3. Aryawat Sharma says:

    Mr. Ambrish is an amazing lawyer who defends his clients in a spectacular manner in getting the best possible result. Knowing the strengths and weakness of the matter.

  4. Pallvi says:

    I highly recommend his services for people who have been caught in no man’s land. He will not only defend your rights but will ensure speedy conclusion of the case.