Amit Srivastava

Address: Surendra Bhawan Lucknow

Phone: +919936937777


4 Reviews

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4 Reviews
  1. Gursimran Chauhan says:

    He wasn’t just trying to get a new client, he gave me honest sound advice for my benefit. Really appreciate his goodness. Highly recommend him!

  2. Himani says:

    Professional, to the point, objective, calm, realistic, and a wonderful lawyer who adapts and clearly uses his talent in the court of law to make sure you have your best foot forward.

  3. Yuvika Singh says:

    He’s very active in making sure things are prepped and ready for court, and many times our opposition actually had to borrow the materials we had prepared for ourselves.

  4. Kashvi Sharma says:

    I frankly find his business model incredibly honest where there are no surprising or creeping hourly charges. Highly recommended.