Amit Tripathi

Address: H.No. 18 Devraha Munsi Pulia Lucknow

Phone: +919695502689


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4 Reviews
  1. Tania Bagga says:

    He’s responsive and appreciates that the judicial system isn’t exactly easy to pick up. He even listens to my amateur concerns, and even as basic as it was, he patiently explained things and still monitored for clues that might have been helpful.

  2. Ishita Thakur says:

    In the case where I do find myself in need of a lawyer, he would always be the first number on my list to call because even if he can’t pick up the case, I’m sure his advice would be more than worth it.

  3. Mehak Garg says:

    It is worth it for him to have his own practice, because he is that much more distinguished from other lawyers that I’ve met and it would be a pity for his skill, expertise, and talent to be diluted by others.

  4. Rajat Pathak says:

    Incredible service, advice and honesty. Mr. Amit Tripathi is not your typical lawyer, and puts your best interests.He works with you not just at a professional level, but on a personal level, providing thorough guidance & reassurance throughout the matter.