Adv Ms Surekha Kinkar

Address: Kundan Chamber, Thube Park, Near Sancheti Hospital, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005

Phone: 020 2553 3458


4 Reviews

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4 Reviews
  1. Shreya Kaushal says:

    Ms. Surekha’s expertise, professionalism, and tenacity give you the results you need. She is the best lawyer. Highly recommended.

  2. Ridhi Sharma says:

    She is very well respected in court and comes prepared to make an exceptional case. She is a tactful and skilled negotiator who will fight for your rights and for the results you need.

  3. Aanchal says:

    Ms. Surekha is strategic thinker which makes her a strong perceptive lawyer. She takes the time to understand the situation completely before making any recommendations.

  4. Ruhani says:

    She is not hesitant to express her mind and visualizes the outcome from a judge’s lens to finally recommend a detailed legal plan to execute.