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Reviews.legal is a free online platform to assist people find a lawyer to resolve their legal issues. We provide address, email, phone number, case based reviews and client ratings of lawyers. You can search a lawyer in India by location and practice areas and then choose a lawyer out of several lawyers on the basis of case-based reviews made by present and former clients of each lawyer. Reviews.legal  brings authenticity on internet by providing genuine information about lawyers and law firms in India on the basis of case based reviews. Needless to say, if your lawyer is not listed here, his information on internet might not be genuine. We request you to read the information on this page very carefully.



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Let us understand this with example. For example you belong to New Delhi and you need a lawyer in Chandigarh for a court case in Chandigarh High Court.

  1. Simply search lawyers in Chandigarh here.
  2. Study the profile of lawyers and law firms in Chandigarh along with authentic reviews provided by present and former clients.
  3. Check whether lawyer practices in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh or not.
  4. Take an appointment. Some suggestions are provided on this page on how to take appointments.
  5. Decide which lawyer to select.

On the contrary, let us suppose that you are in Chandigarh and you need a lawyer in Supreme Court of India in New Delhi. You can either hire a lawyer in New Delhi or hire a lawyer who is based in Chandigarh but practices in Supreme Court of India also.

  1. In this case search a lawyer in Chandigarh or lawyer in New Delhi.
  2. Study the profiles of lawyers. Then study their authentic client reviews.
  3. Check whether lawyer practices in Supreme Court of India or not.
  4. Follow suggestions on this page on how to meet a lawyer
  5. Decide which lawyer to select.