Sukhjinder Pal Singh

Address: 4 Gurgopal Nagar, Cool Road Jalandhar

Phone: +919872599099


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9 Reviews
  1. Sonam Palmo says:

    Very professional and knowledgeable, looking forward to getting all my future legal formalities done from here. One stop shop for all your legal queries. Keep up the great work Sukhjinder Pal Ji.

  2. Megha Kartik says:

    Thank you once again Mr Sukhjinder Pal Ji for your timely support. I am forever grateful to you for all your support.

  3. Karandeep Shergill says:

    Very nice and responsible lawyer for clients . Atleast I can vouch for myself and people who have referred me to Sukhjinder Pal. Studies the case thoroughly and presents very nicely in court.

  4. Ninja Kochar says:

    Sukhjinder is a man of his word and very intelligent. He is very busy and in demand. He is fair and honorable above all else.

  5. Jaishal Panwar says:

    He is a very good man he listens and tells patiently and does according . You can blindly consult him