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21 Reviews
  1. Navdeep Singh Dhillon says:

    It was really not so easy, but I did not have any headache, thank you Ganguli and his Law Firm

  2. Rebecca Mittal says:

    We are very happy with Prithwish Gangul Law Office, no-nonsense, straight to the point and very professional services.

  3. Muskan says:

    lawyers in your team are very professional, fast on responding to all my questions (and I had a lot) and knowledgeable. Excellent Firm around.

  4. Adarsh Sharma says:

    Went above and beyond to make sure that there were no loopholes in the entire case of contract signing, Excellent team with willingness to help every time you approach them.

  5. Leena Puri says:

    I was involved with this law firm for a closing on a friends business, I found all dealings to be knowledgeable, timely and straight forward. I would recommend them.

  6. Parul Seth says:

    Mr. Ganguli is the type of lawyer that you should want to keep on speed dial. He is very efficient and gets the job done promptly. I would recommend him to friends and family.

  7. Vidushi Sharma says:

    Your team is extremely efficient and professional. they were responsive to my phone calls and emails and always available to answer questions. very helpful and knowledgeable team.

  8. Manas Pahwa says:

    From our first consultation in the earlier stages of our case till the closing, we were always well informed and thoroughly explained every step in our case which can be very complicated not to mention overwhelming. Thanks for all support.

  9. Kostubh Gaur says:

    We had a great experience with the help of Prithwish and his team. Everything was done very professionally. All the aspects were clearly explained to us and in very easy words.

  10. Kunal Vodehra says:

    It was very nice to work with Pritwish Ganguli and his team. Everything was done professionally; easy and fast closing, support all the way, very informative, explained every step in the process of our case.

  11. Prerna says:

    Thanks for your advises during my family law case, I would definitely use your services again and refer my friends and family to your firm, Highly recommended

  12. Aman says:

    Your team did a phenomenal job in working with us to secure a victory to win my cases which were held pending for years. Thanks for all your support.

  13. Abhishek says:

    I am so glad that I followed my friends advice and hired your firm to represent me in my matrimonial case. Thanks for every advice you gave.

  14. Mohit says:

    They explained that it was taking longer than usual, and they stayed on top of this process to make sure it kept moving forward. Laywers take care of their clients and makes sure they know what is going on.

  15. Naman Sharma says:

    Excellent response time to questions via emails. Patience and thoroughness is what I like. I would highly recommend Pritwish Ganguli Lawyer and firms

  16. Akshita Sharma says:

    I have dealt with this attorney and her associates on more than one occasion and they continue to impress me every single time.

  17. Shristi Sharma says:

    Far from ordinary and very conscientious, they perform their jobs with due diligence and respect. I cannot say enough. They are a high performance Team.

  18. Shreya says:

    Prithwish Ganguli is one of the most competent, profession and noteworthy lawyers I have had the pleasure of representing me.

  19. Shristy says:

    I knew nothing about the process and was quite intimidated, but your team explained everything clearly and patiently. Your office answered all my e-mails promptly and efficiently, and was very patient through a long glitch during closing.

  20. Radhika Yadav says:

    I found him to be reliable, courteous and professional. I highly recommend his firm without any reservations.