Amitabh Banerjee

Address: Faizabad Road 162 Rabindrapalli Indra

Phone: +919450196301


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4 Reviews
  1. Isha Chandel says:

    Reliable, Professional, Intelligent, Honest, and best of all, a dedicated family man. Thank you, Mr. Amitabh for your help – your counsel was appreciated greatly by my family an I.

  2. Kajal Thakur says:

    He is wonderful at explaining legal jargon, as well as exploring various case scenarios to most securely set-up your business. He is always readily available to provide advice and clarifications, and is extremely patient and diligent.

  3. Akash Yadav says:

    I contacted Amitabh not having read any of the previous reviews. He contacted me back almost immediately and advised me on the potential outcome of my case. I can’t say how pleased I am with his dedication. Thanks

  4. Dhriti Goyal says:

    I know that some lawyers don’t focus much on small cases, but to me – Mr. Banerjee didn’t consider mine a small case. It was a case that he wanted to help me solve. Highly recommended.